September 9th, 2001



My forearms still hurt. And some of my fingers. And the palms of my hands have injuries on them - mostly from thorns.

203 pounds. One of my auctions ends today, as I recall. Now I have to figure out how it works from here. Pack up those vegetarian times and get them to the post office. My living room is looking really messy right now, with the magazines strewn around and videos here and there and clean clothes not yet sorted or folded and boxes of videos that need a home. Perhaps I can get some of this straightened out today.

Other people's plants

I seem to spend most of my time cutting back the plants that are actually on my neighbors' property. Shrubs on the right, that wicked rose on the left. I cut more today, hauled more, and lay out one bag of shredded cedar bark in front. The mulch is looking pretty good right now but more is needed. And my forearms, particularly the left, just hurt too much. I am not doing any more of this today.

Foam Heaven

I made myself a nonfat vanilla latte this morning. I have a $5 espresso pot from Ikea, makes one generous shot, and a glass foamer by Bodum, and I have a bottle of vanilla syrup - of course. It was excellent! And it didn't take much longer than it would have at a coffee place, maybe less if you consider the lines. And I had the foam I love.


Stacey's Prime Power fat burning workout today. One of the ones I do the most often. I had a headache during part of it but it seemed to go through and out the other side. I am okay now. I think.