September 8th, 2001


The weekend

I woke with a slight headache but it's gone now, or almost. I am bidding on exercise videos on ebay. 204.5 pounds today.


Stupid me. A couple of days ago I attempted to open an attachment from someone I don't know. It did not seem to open. But of course what really happened is that my computer was infected with a virus. Specifically, the sircam worm. I found a remover on the Symantec site but it was unable to remove it entirely. I have to restart in safe mode and try again.

It isn't a really awful thing, at least from what I see. I seem to have sent mail to a large number of people I don't even know. How, I don't know. Most of them don't exist, for that matter. So I get messages of returned mail, which I delete. Some return messages are from servers, telling me an email I sent is infected with the sircam virus. So that's how I was able to do anything at all about it. I should inform slonet as well, so they can get some kind of scanning software installed on their mail server.

I always say don't open attachments from people you don't know or anything that you are not expecting, that isn't clearly intended. When I tried to open this file, I was thinking it was a request for help from the John Lautner Foundation. I have to take my own advice!

Clean again

Whew. I had to run the worm killer in safe mode, and my mouse didn't work in safe mode, so I had to figure out the keyboard shortcuts that would get me to the program, and I did, and I ran it, and it was successful this time. I feel relieved.

No upper body work

As I watch the incredible match between the Williams' sisters, and watch Venus win but both display a lot of poise and confidence, I can't help but notice their biceps! Man! The strength! I cut down branches and my arms are tired tired tired and i have decided not to do any upper body work tonight.