September 7th, 2001


New Friday

So much to do. But it always seems possible when there's a weekend ahead. Yet I so rarely get a lot done on weekends.

204 pounds.

(no subject)

I find that I have to switch between different jobs frequently. I rarely can do just one thing for a long period, uninterrupted. This is true even if the jobs are the same kind of thing, like writing. I think this is one reason I have stayed in planning as long as I have. It is rarely possible to concentrate on one thing for long periods; interruptions and changes in gear are part of the picture.

cutting it

Cutting branches can become addictive. The only thing stopping me is the pile that keeps getting bigger that has to get to the dumpster. And it's awkward moving all those odd-shaped branches, with and without thorns. But it's satisfying when I see what I have cleared. I think there's hope for the backyard now too.

The purple allysums (allysa, I would think) are not doing well. I think most of the white ones will survive but the purple - doubtful. Survival of the fittest, when it comes to my yard. Maybe tomorrow I will spread some of the cedar bark I bought last week. That should look really nice. ANd maybe cut down a lot of the stuff growing in back with the weed eater. Then what? Just let it sit, maybe. Or sprinkle some kind of mix?