September 4th, 2001


Tuesday already

I slept a lot. But then wished I could lay there all morning. I often wish that but when I have the chance I don't do it anyway. So I don't really want it unless I am not feeling well. I woke with a hint of a headache but it doesn't seem real, fortunately.


Getting those rose branches out of the back yard is a bit of a challenge. The thorns, the twisty shapes. Awkward. But I see the pile getting smaller. This whole yard is a hell of a challenge, actually.


87 varieties? No, it's 57.

Tonight, Tracie Long again, such a terrif workout. It always seems to pick up my spirits and by the time I am in the last ten minutes or so I am already missing it, wanting more in a way. But if it were longer...that wouldn't be the case...