September 2nd, 2001


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Fresh new morning. TVLand has a special marathon of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Best thing on tv in these hours. One could say I watch too much television, but most of the time I am only filling in gaps with it. It keeps me company. That, and Bullet.


I can't seem to get moving. What will it take? Make a list? Look at it, get depressed by it? That sounds like fun.

still vegging after all these years

So here I am watching Trading Spaces. And it's an episode I had seen before. Well, I'd seen the end of it, not the beginning. So now I have more or less seen the whole episode. I hauled some more branches to the dumpster. It doesn't take long for those guys to fill up the bin, so I don't put a lot in there at one time.

going places

I rode my bike downtown. It was a nice short ride. The sun is out but there is wind, so it doesn't feel too hot when riding. I sat in Barnes & Noble for a bit, reading & writing, then went on to wander around, went to Mission Plaza, had yogurt, walked around looking for cats. I only saw one! And no feeders. I wonder where the cats have all gone.

I rode home, grabbed the mail. then got all the rest of the plants into the ground and watered. Enough of that for now. Keeping them watered will be a challenge for me, requiring me to be different from how I have been. The plants won't call out to me when they are thirsty. I have to remember them. Maybe this little change will change other parts of me?


When thirtysomething was on the air, I could never finish an episode. I found it incredibly boring and self-centered. Now it's on Bravo and here I am watching the whiners in action, and thinking that, hell, it's what I do here, in this journal, whine, pontificate, wonder, "talk everything to death". God. The only good thing about that thought is that maybe I have material here! Hey baby boomers! It's your show!! Our show!!

Only thing is, I am guessing that most people figure they get through a lot of the "life" issues in their thirties. By the time they hit fifty, they are sorting out the age question. What it means, how they are going to deal with it. And certainly I do that. But I am also catching up, working through shit that some people never get into in the first place. Still wondering what I am going to become.

working out

No. 85, whoopdidoo. I almost talked myself out of doing a video today but decided it would not be a good thing.I could get into the habit of not doing them. so I feel glad I did it. A FIRM Basics one, not too difficult (except those hover squats) but with the heavier weights and hand weights I think it's worth something.