September 1st, 2001



I woke with a massive headache. I could probably have predicted it but prediction does not lead to prevention, not for me. I took some excedrin migraine and then took a hot shower, letting the hot water hit me on the head and neck. It did help. i hope it continues to loosen up.

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I don't think lying down now would help. so I am up, writing email to foundation requests - I wonder if the writer will notice the time of my reply - and thinking of turning on the television. This will be one hellish weekend if I don't get rid of this headache.

Why I won't become a cabinet maker

I am about done with the entertainment center. As usual, the doors aren't fitting exactly right. I think I didn't get the piece exactly square and the doors don't quite work in there. I can close them but...all these years and I am just as bad at this stuff as I ever was. Still, I think it will look good, will be a step up.

closing down

Heading for the evening of this uneventful day. Some good things, though. I finished the entertainment center and it looks good, filled with tv, vcr, cable box, and videos.

I talked to Mary and we both feel better. She has a new job that will start paying real benefits after three months. Still waitressing but a better deal. I hope it works for her. Elaine wrote about her hiking class. There are just two hikes in the class, they don't meet every week as indicated in the schedule. This makes me wonder if I can get her to LA for the foundation event in October. It would be so cool if both girls could be there.

I got a few more plants in the ground and watered it all. I may be losing one or two that I planted earlier.

And the headache is gone. Seems to be truly gone.

Lifetime movies

I am spending much of the day watching Lifetime movies. I think this is a Saturday thing now. I think I have seen this mafia wife one before.