August 31st, 2001


Buying spree

I bought a new desk chair, an entertainment center, and a new "shorts set" for sleeping today. I put together the chair, which is nicely adjustable, and I managed to haul the box containing the entertainment center into the house. Damned heavy. These are my labor day projects, among others.

I did Kathy Smith's interval workout,which was good. I think I felt better about it, less irritated with it, today. It is, after all, a good workout.

and I got the names of the houses that will be on the tour into my draft announcement for the foundation. I don't know who the panelists are, not all of them.

and I sent in that second story...I think I mentioned that already. Two entries. I will be delighted if either one gets honorable mention but I am pleased in any case that I actually followed through and entered. Let this be a productive weekend, at least. A bike ride to Avila would be good.