August 29th, 2001


Neil Diamond

Diamond's latest Cd is called Three Chord Opera. I didn't know the guy had a sense of humor. That's almost what I would have called his stuff.

Getting caught in the whirlpool

Things can go bad so easily. Just for example:
1. I signed up for some free stuff on the web, and in spite of my careful reading I somehow missed that the free magazine subscriptions would automatically turn into paid subscriptions after the free year was up. I saw a debit from my bank account for three subscriptions recently. So now, unless I want to be subscribing forever, I must cancel each subscription separately by writing to each of the magazines.
2. I signed up to pay for phone bills on the web, directly through Pac Bell. It's free. I only signed up one of my phone lines and I don't remember which it was. About a week ago, I paid that bill online. Today I got bills for both lines in the mail, including the one I already paid. No recognition of this payment. Seems strange. Now I have to dig through the records, contact the phone company, make sure they have correctly credited my account.

This is what life is like today. Someone living in this society has to deal with mistakes and problems actively and reasonably quickly or she will lose out. I am often feeling like I am a stone's throw away from a rapid descent into financial ruin, and I have often paid way more than I should have for various services or products just because I did not act quickly enough. It takes a lot of savvy and will just to stay even.

A new story

Hot damn! I finished a new story just now. I should say, "draft" but who cares? They are always drafts, I think. I felt such an overpowering urge to write something. I pulled out the start of a story I had begun many weeks ago and finished it. I may enter it in the Nightwriters contest, too. Deadline in two days, Friday. Hell, that's enough time to revise and submit if I still like it well enough.