August 26th, 2001


Updating the style

Given that the hours of midnight to about six am are the only ones when livejournal is not overloaded - generally - I took this opp to make a few changes to the appearance. I like that we can customize to a great extent. I haven't figured out exactly how to do everything I'd like but I'll get there. I like the challenge. I think that's what's attractive about this particular journal program, that it lets "advanced" users go farther.

head and plants

I got six of the allysum in the ground, along with the bigger plant. I remember now why I stopped planting out there. The ground is rock hard. Not so easy to get through. I am using planting mix plus some time-release plant food, to help, and these plants tend to be fairly forgiving, as I recall, don't need perfect soil. My headache is ebbing a bit. I wonder about that one glass of wine, white wine at that. Could that have done it? Possibly.


I made a vegetable soup because often such soups help with headaches. I put together some vegetable broth (from a box), yellow and orange bell peppers, spinach, and leftover rice, and it was very pretty. Also tasted good and felt good. My headache is gone now. I think it must have helped.

No good deed goes unpunished?

It seems that because I was reasonably and happily productive yesterday I cannot be so today. I spent most of the day recovering from lack of sleep and a headache. I feel good now but it is getting onto evening. It would be easier for me to handle if I had others to share this with. For some reason, if I can talk about it, if I can talk about how unproductive I feel, the size of the monster on my back diminishes.

Laying out rooms

I downloaded a CAD program so I could draw up my living room and do some furniture rearranging on paper. But the damned program seems really dense to me. I can't get it to do what I want. I have gone at it three different ways and can't do what seems really logical. I guess I will have to use REAL paper. Grid paper. Man! What I suffer through!

tempting fate

I am having another glass of wine. My guess is that it won't cause a headache. Mainly because these so-called "triggers" only trigger part of the time, and in that grace period following a headache they usually don't do it.

Conventional medical wisdom is often lacking in just that - wisdom. So it is with the "trigger" theories. This was the conclusion of Oliver Sacks, after he studied hundreds of patients with migraines. And it is also my experience.