July 24th, 2001


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Cable makes strange nightfellows. I have watched women playing pool, bowling, and men riding bicycles. What is this??
Yesterday I started using the Raquel Welch daily yoga tape again. No more than 15 minutes a day. I did another this morning. I remember how inflexible I am. But maybe I can improve. Raquel is one strange woman but I really like these poses. I have not used a yoga tape I like as much. Of course I am still using the Firm tapes. The "Maximum Body Sculpting" has become my favorite tape. I did not wear the heart monitor when I used it yesterday but I am sure I got the rate up some of the time. Especially when using the step.

Stomach troubles

Last night I had trouble sleeping because my stomach hurt. I ate something close to bed time and it did not want to digest. I am feeling some stomach pain right now and wondering what I could eat that wouldn't cause this.