June 3rd, 2001


(no subject)

I saw Pat in Grace & Glorie last night. It's a good play, and they are good in it. I had hoped to slip in and out, letting Pat know I was there and liked it, but actually saw and talked to several people, including Jim. Jim wondered if I were there to review the play for the Cambrian. No, I wasn't, but he said the paper had promised to have someone call him about a review. I am wondering if I should let them know I could do it.

Rick Aurrichio was there, too. He's prepping for the next play - which is NOT "Luv" but "Same time another year", with someone named Toddy. He has been taking acting classes. I can't help but be amazed that a small community like Cambria would be able to support an acting class, that there are ten people in it and were more to begin with!

My body is aching in odd places. My neck, my shoulder (left). Yesterday I walked downtown and then did a video (23rd). The more I do the more my body expects me to do and it doesn't respond by losing any weight. I should be glad I am so strong.