Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

And the day after

I am so tired. We've been up a long day, and even though I didn't do a whole lot I also didn't sleep. It has been sad looking at my email - none of which is personal. Unless I write to someone they don't write to me, it seems.

As usual when I am here, I am tossed between wishes to be doing my usual stuff and doing things with my children. I get so used to being on my own that even though I know how lonely I get, how empty the house feels, I feel an urge to be alone at times. It's just my way of saying I can't be in the here and now, maybe.

I have eaten more than usual and exercised less and that makes me feel bad. It's a challenge, then, to get past that. I mean I may gain some weight and I have to accept that.

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