Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I tend to feel like I don't have enough time when I am seeing Jill. Like there's so much more to get into. I suppose it is wise to dredge up thoughts and things and then ponder on them over the next week. If I dragged it all out where would I then put it? It would be like trying to stuff a tent back in the bag frantically.

Of course I'd like some kind of aha thing or sudden insight and I don't think those are in the cards. I do so damned much searching myself as it is.

  • utilities

    I went into tier 2 in electricity last month. Only a tiny amount but I always wonder what kicked it over when this happens. Gas stayed in tier one.

  • utilities

    Once again I stayed in the first tier for both gas and electricity last month. Good for me!

  • utilities

    Curses. I stayed within tier one for gas but went into tier 2 for electricity last month. I wonder what I was using electricity for. More than usual.

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