Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I bought quite a number of books at the library book sales the last two days. This is what I got:
Dorothy Sayers: The centenary celebration - a collection of essays on Sayers' works
Marion Zola: All the Good Ones are Married - about women who date married men (1981)
Peter Manso: Mailer - His Life and Times
Phyllis Chesler: Women & Madness (When is a woman mad and who is it who decides?)
Natalie Angier: Woman: An Intimate Geography
Carl Hiaasen: Native Tongue (novel)
Ruth Rendell: Anna's Book (mystery)
Women: A Feminist Perspective, Fifth Edition (latest copyright 1995)
The Journals of John Cheever
E. L. Doctorow: Billy Bathgate (novel)
Philip Roth: My Life as a Man (novel)
Jonathan Harr: A Civil Action (novel - airplane reading)
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: August 1914 (novel)
John Updike: S. (novel)
Jean de Brunhoff: Babar and Father Christmas (for Joey)
Paul Theroux: My Secret History (novel)

All for about $10. It's quite a haul, I think.

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