Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I sit here playing solitaire. Is there a thing called solitaire therapy? Maybe not. Maybe it comes under the heading of "escape".

I got camping stuff from Wal-Mart, then went to the book sale and got several books for under five bucks. Not great books, probably, but good for camping! And other things. Since I was nearby, I then went to the "village of Arroyo Grande". Cute, you see, that's what that is. I remembered that there is a coffee place there and I wanted to check it out and wander around a bit. Which I did. I ended up sitting on a bench reading for a while after. The weather was nice, it was pleasant. But still.

Now I am watching a movie on USA, need to finish it, but I am also playing solitaire.

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