Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

199 pounds. In the ballpark. I went to a concert at a church last night with Dwain. A Russian group called Neva Russicum. Remarkable. They sang liturgical music and folk songs, in a style of singing that reminded me, somewhat, of the Bulgarian women singers. Very little vibrato. Although there were only four of them the sound was huge and penetrating. I thought, this group is good enough to record. So later I looked them up on the web and found a page. The group is part of a 35-member choir. Small groups tour countries, representing the larger. They do have CDs but the ordering process is odd. The prices are in pounds - 12 pounds per, no shipping mentioned - and there is no request for payment. So maybe they send a bill and then send the CD. I ordered one, so we'll see.

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