Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The yard sale

I am about to close up my yard sale. Part of a parkwide sale, each of us operating from our own driveways. I have made a grand $9.60. But more than that, I got rid of a pieceashit dresser, a bunch of Vegetarian Times magazines, a thigh-master (!) and a couple of books. I can't give away the rest, it seems.

The older guy who bought the thigh master said it is good for working his arms. He had bursitis a year ago and tore muscles or something like that and he said the pain was excruciating. Since then he has had to do specific exercises and the thigh master works right in.

Elaine, who lives behind me, came around with a young friend and bought a cast iron muffin pan and a pile of Vegetarian Times. She uses them to help create meals for people with dietary restrictions. I can't remember where she works. She also agreed that the recipes are delicious. It was her young friend who is mainly getting the mags, because she wants to try the recipes.

ONe of the organizers of the yard sale came around with his mother - I think - who is in a wheelchair. Olaf asked for my email address because he is arranging another park meeting. Gung ho. I am less so. Been there. But he recognized my name, said "There's a famous architect named Lautner". I told him who I am and about the upcoming event and he gave me his email address so I sent him the link to the event page. He said his niece...friend...someone - in Santa Barbara - worked for John Lautner many years ago and she would love to hear of this event. This reminds me how much we could have benefitted from wider press releases - nationwide.

It was nice sitting out there, more or less, talking to people now and then. But I am still feeling sluggy, close to a headache. Perhaps a walk.

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