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Some things about my new mytouch 3G phone:

I admit I did not investigate thoroughly, did not read the reviews as well as I should have. I was tired of looking at options and decided to go with what T-mobile offered and I liked the sound of the mytouch.

What I don't like:

Bluetooth compatibility is spotty. For whatever reason I can't send or receive files from my computer through bluetooth and so far I have been unable to get my phone to connect with my radio so I can talk through the radio. These two things were really helpful to me with my old, regular razr and I do not know why they are not available. Supposedly more and more will become compatible over time but until then I am especially annoyed at the radio-phone disconnection.

When I am calling an automatic robot, whatever they call those help lines with the "press one for...", I have to grapple to get the dialpad back to press the right keys. Awkward and a delay. The old regular phone was better for this too.

internet doesn't seem to be as fast as it should be.

No manual came with the phone. And there is no mention of one on the T-mobile site. I found one, at the suggestion of a Best Buy guy, at htc.com, the makers of the phone, but it isn't completely accurate for my phone. I expect T-mobile modified some of the functions for its purposes. In general I feel a lack of support and understanding, although i admit I have not hunted relentlessly. It just seems like T-mobile should be offering a whole lot more than it does.

What I do like:

Well, having the internet is the biggie. I love finding things out while out and about, especially on trips.

I like testing out the apps, doing odds and ends of things, and so far I have hardly scraped the surface on this.

I like the camera, the way it works. I can take successive photos without having to save each one immediately. It works more like a regular camera. I enjoy being able to upload to my facebook account easily too.

I'm divided on the size. It's smaller than the iphone, which has advantages. i can tuck it where I might not tuck an iphone. But what this means is a smaller screen and more room taken up with odds and ends to make the small size work, like a "back" button and a "menu" button on the phone itself. Those things seem odd and because they are mechanical they can mess up, I think.


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