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Yesterday I went on the hunt for a couple of ingredients to use in the making of vegan ice cream. I was thinking chocolate and coffee particularly, so I wanted semisweet and dark chocolate and instant coffee, plus full-fat coconut milk and possibly non-dairy yogurt and silken tofu. I went to Trader Joe's first because I was thinking maybe I'd find good chocolate there.

No. There are nice chocolate candies but I found no baking chocolates at all. Could I have missed them?

And no coconut milk, no non-dairy yogurt, no silken tofu. I did buy other things, mostly fresh vegetables. Then on to Costco because I was thinking of potatoes and thought if I could get bulk packs of the tofu and coconut milk that would be good because they keep. No such luck. Of course I got the potatoes. No chocolate even. I was getting a little worn, a lot worn, by then.

Then to Vons. got baking chocolate and semisweet chips, good enouigh, and finally found the coconut milk. Well hidden, I might add. No non-dairy yogurt, no silken tofu except in the tubs and I wanted the sealed packets that go on the shelf. Those are getting harder to find.

But enough, anyway, I did get to make a chocolate ice cream and a coffee ice cream or maybe mocha.

Sometimes I just get to feeling so very tired, though.
Tags: age, arthritis

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