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I wanted to get out of the house today. I pretty much want to get out every day. I call myself a "nester" but in some ways I guess I'm not.

So I went to a coffee place, had tea and an orange and wrote emails and stumbled around the web for a bit. I was proud of the laptop sleeve I made yesterday, crude though it is:

I didn't even come up with this idea. I got it from Generation T, a book that takes recycling T-shirts to a whole new level.

So I went to the coffee place. From there I went to Subway, ordered a footlong veggie, sat down at the back of the store. For some reason the chip rack had been moved there, near my table. I grabbed my chips from there before I sat down. Then a worker hauled a large cardboard box into the space near me, opened it, and started refiling the rack. She came and went, grabbing other large boxes, throwing them around, slamming the chips into the rack. It seemed like it would never end but it finally did. Then she pushed the rack toward the front of the store. So that was why it was back there - to be refilled. If I had figured that out I would not have sat there.

She ran into a table - BAM! - on her way to the front, then came back later to straighten it out, and finally to put away the remaining boxes.

I had been drinking lemonade. I decided, when I was done, to refill the cup and take it with me. But the lemonade had run out. I grabbed some ice tea instead and left, feeling sour. The noise, the slamming of the table, the missing lemonade all made me think about never going back again. I know that I will go back but for me it takes so little to get into a bad mood.



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