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Yesterday I drove to Santa Monica. I am going, with Elaine and Ed, to WorldFest today, and we are staying together in a nice suite in a small inexpensive motel near the beach. Our rooms are up there:

From Santa Monica

Up the stairs to the left are blue gates. Through those gates, a little outdoor corridor with plants and four rooms, including ours.

I took a couple of walks while waiting for Ed and Elaine to arrive. One thing I noticed on the first walk, down Main Street, was this painting:

From Santa Monica

From Santa Monica

I admit I'm a sucker for the Tromp L'Oeil stuff.

Later I went in a different direction, down to the beach. The bike path was not overly crowded. It isn't yet the season and it was a weekday. I did see a variety, though:
From Santa Monica

From Santa Monica

From Santa Monica

From Santa Monica

From Santa Monica

From Santa Monica

We had food last night from Real Food Daily, picked up. There are many vegan restaurants here. Today it's off to WorldFest. Where there will be many stands of vegan food. And tonight, more adventuring in Santa Monica. I love this city. I could live here - if I could.
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