Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Letter to Lois Capps, my representative in Congress

I was deeply disturbed by the undercover video, shot by the HSUS and aired on Nightline the other night, about primates used in research. The film is horrifying to anyone who has any kind of compassion for other animals, and I'd think particularly because these animals are so similar to humans.

The research is not necessary, yet it is funded by the U.S. Government. No other developed nation funds this type research or allows it to take place. Even that home of the bullfight, Spain, protects its great apes. WHat is wrong with this country that we can't or won't do the same??

I am so upset. Please support the Great Ape Protection Act in congress.


See the video here:

Nightline video

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