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more on my fitness coach

Today I faithfully took out my wii fitness coach again and this time chose "yoga". I should have known better. The first - and it started to appear only - exercise was "sun salutation I". I thought, from my experience with Arthritis RX and its version of the sun salutation that this first exposure might be within my grasp. But of course it was not.

It was what turned me away from yoga years ago: up and down and around. I cannot make these moves. I can't even begin. So I tried to make other yoga-like moves while Maya (that's my coach's name) moved through the steps rather rapidly.

After she went through it the first time she did it without any words the second. This is another of my objections to this program: many times it assumes you know the moves and do not need any oral direction, even when the moves require you to be facing away from the television screen. I need some grounding and direction, like "turn right, one two three turn left..." that sort of thing.

When I saw that it was going to go into Sun Salutation I for the third time I decided there was no gain to sticking with this particular workout. I found my way out, quit the workout, with the hope that I could choose a different focus and do that instead.

But I didn't get that chance. The only option given me was to do the fitness evaluation over again, kind of a spot check I think. After suffering through that, skipping what I could not do, I just checked out of the program.

On the plus side, I went to wii sports and played baseball, boxed (for the first time) did some fitness testing (this time I plunged in my fitness age from 68 to 41 - I am SURE that's really accurate), then I played tennis with Paul after he arrived. So I got my workout in, just differently. And I got from Paul, "This is fun!" Which it is, it is.
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