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My Fitness Coach part 2

I did my third workout with my fitness coach today. I'm staying with fifteen minutes for now. This time I went for "flexibility". There was the usual warmup, varied from the others by a bit, and then some exercises that probably increase flexibility. The difficulty I saw this time is that there is no real coordination between the exercises. So one can be on the floor to do one kind of stretch, and then up on one's feet for the next, and back to the floor after that. Never mind that it's a bit annoying at best - for me it made it pretty much impossible to do all of them without resorting to fairly major changes. For example, I did various floor stretches while sitting on the couch and stretching to the floor with my legs.

I would call this a fair-size defect, frankly, not just for me.

What I continue to like is that it keeps track of the workouts I have done - not how well I have done them because there is no way to measure this - but it knows where I am in the schedule. And I like that I can choose on any one day what I want to focus on.

So what I'd like in the expanded version:

* instructions on adjusting exercises for those with disabilities. Better, a way to plug in the fact that one has certain issues and have the program adjust for me.
* coordination of individual exercises as discussed above.
* a wider selection of music.
* slow tutorials - I tried a "step turn" move today and really could not follow the tutorial. Just going through it slowly a couple of times would work. Because it involves turning and not being able to keep my eye on the television I needed more help.



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