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Mary got laid off today. She worked at CityCenter for two years and had advanced to a higher position. It was probably the fact that she was in a new position that actually put her on the chopping block. If she'd stayed where she was she might have kept her job. Not the way it should be but the way it was.

She had to vent when she talked to me about it. She was among many, of course, including a woman who is eight months' pregnant and a middle-aged woman that Mary saw crying in the parking lot, on the phone to her husband. Mary's benefits were cut off today also - this is not usual, either - usually the benefits are paid one month in advance so it seems very sucky. The whole experience was humiliating and I could not help but think that the same scene is being played out all over the country every damned day.

She will pull up and out. Start by applying for unemployment and then hitting the streets. She will find work. She's a determined person who often impresses people when she meets them.

I feel so badly for her. I feel so badly for so many.
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