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Why order from reusablebags.com?

I have been ordering green produce bags (used to be called Evert-fresh but now they are the ubiquitous Debbie Meyer bags) from Reusablebags.com for several years now. I also buy compact "acme" bags - these are thin but tough grocery bags that quickly stuff into themselves, making them so compact you can carry a few around in your pocket at all times. I have bought a few other products from them, including Sigg bottles, which are a tough reusable type bottle, made of materials that won't destroy the environment or your health.

Why I like ordering from this site:

Here is their mission:

1. Leadership and innovation: Strategic, pragmatic solutions. Dedication to the triple bottom line (financial, social, environmental). Constant learning, growing and improving. Critical thinking with a healthy dose of skepticism. We ask tough questions and look for smart answers.

2. Educating and raising awareness: Providing news from around the world, facts and images showing how things have gotten out of control AND what is being done to change and improve the situation.

3. Empowering people to take action and spread the word with sensible ideas and tools.

4. Enabling people to consume less by providing well designed, high-quality, practical products made from truly sustainable materials and supporting fair labor/fair trade practice.

I am continually impressed by their commitment to fair trade and fair labor practices, as well as to sustainable products and safe materials. They go the whole distance, not just one piece of it. This may be why they were voted the People's Choice Award for Green Business of the Year for 2007 (through Co-op America). Naturally I handed in one of those votes.

Today I ordered a little batch of green bags, acme bags, and a bag that stores several reusable shopping bags, compact so it can stay in the car or purse or wherever you will easily get to it. I plan to keep some and use some as stocking stuffers.

I actually have an associates account with reusablebags.com but nobody except me has ever ordered through it. I don't even know what the link is any more! So I have nothing to gain here by this endorsement except the hope that others will look at this wonderful company and start to order from it.
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