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A couple of pictures from where I was last night. Paul and I walked to the Graduate, the nightclub just down and across the tracks from where I live. The floor was covered with tables of people from different groups - SLO Dems, Obama clubs, Drinking Liberally (my group), and more. All liberal groups. Against the wall were a few tables of people who had gone there to celebrate birthdays or just have dinner. They soon realized their mistake.

The moment the announcement was made that Obama had been elected the room erupted. I wished I had thought to bring my little camera, with the video capability, so I could get the sound. I'm not so good with that with my phone but could have used that, just forgot.

I can't remember the last time I was so excited, so happy. Then this morning I learned that proposition 2 (protecting farm animals from the worst caged living) passed with a huge majority (63%) in spite of the tons of money on the other side. I am sad about prop 8 (marriage defined as man & woman) passing but there will be other times to fix that.  I agree with Paul that the state's constitution should not be able to be changed by a simple majority, but there it is right now.

My own analysis is that Obama made no wrong steps. He knew where he was going and how to get there. He was careful to give credit where it was due and careful to be inclusive. That's why he wasn't an attack dog and I think he was right to go that way.

I hope fervently that I hear no more about Sarah Palin. Ever.

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