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Once again I am trying to get out there and be more active, as much as my rebellious body will let me without unreasonable pain. Tuesday I walked to a coffee place and back - and unfortunately it all took much longer than I wanted and left me limping and struggling with right hip pains for the rest of the day. Today I was going to try the bike again.

I had taken the rear wheel out to get the tube replaced at the bike shop. I used to do this stuff myself but I don't any more and I have almost forgotten how. I brought the tire back several days ago, all fresh and full of air, so today I attempted to put it back on the bike. It took a while for me to figure out how to get the fat tire past the break pads and then to attach it to the chain correctly. I screwed something up in the process and it does not work right.

So I decided today is the day for the bus. I would take the bus into downtown, do whatever, return. I left at not much after two. It took me 12 minutes to get to the bus stop, then I waited. I think I must have waited an hour for the bus. The buses stop running at six so I knew I would have to get going home again pretty much by five. I have gotten stranded before and had to walk home and I just didn't want that.

I got off near Downtown Centre and decided I'd have lunch at Mondeo Pronto. I had a High Thai Peanut bowl and their fresh-made ginger ale. Very good. Always fresh and good. I then poked into Barnes & Noble and saw a book I'd been wanting on the deep sale rack, so I bought it. I wandered my way to the transit center, poking my head into various stores on the way, and waited for either the no. 1 or the no. 3 bus.

No. 1 arrived first. I did not realize it was heading in the wrong direction until I got on it. So I got a nice circuit of the north part of town before we could really get going where I wanted. I landed at the right bus stop and walked back to my place.

It's 6:10 now. I just got home a little bit ago. The bus system here really could use a little improvement.
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