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Walk for farm animals

It was a beautiful morning in San Luis Obispo. The air was clear and cool. The Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals began at Mitchell Park, near downtown SLO. I got there early, having misunderstood the timing. The organizer of the event, Erika, had several friends and her mother there and they said they did not need any more help. At about 8:30 they were finally ready for people to register or check in, so I did.

The registration table was in the center of the gazebo in the middle of the park.

Erika and friends had done a lot of work. There was a raffle, there were goodies from several SLO businesses - my fave restaurants among them: Big Sky, Natural Cafe, and Mondeo - and a local bakery, SLO Baked. There were tables with Farm Sanctuary pamphets, a separate table for children, a table with food.

Turnout was low- maybe 25 people walking - and almost all women - but the local television crew came out. They interviewed Erika.

Because the television crew showed up a bit late the walk got started a bit late, at about 9:20 am. We walked from Mitchell Park to Higuera Street, down Higuera to Sandy's Liquor (Nipomo Street), and back again on the opposite side of the street.

The response from the few people we met on the street and in cars was mostly positive. Cars honked, people put their thumbs up and smiled or yelled out.

Our little gang, minus a couple who had to cut out to get to work:

I am second from right. Erika is hugging the chicken.

To donate to Farm Sanctuary, click!
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