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Last night Paul and I joined the local Drinking Liberally group. Drinking Liberally is a nationwide group that was started about two years ago, according to a couple of the people at the meeting. The local group has been in existence for about a year. Drinking Liberally groups are now a subset of a larger "Living Liberally" cover group, which includes Eating Liberally, Screening Liberally ...you get the idea.

I enjoy getting together with people who aren't afraid to say what they think, who actually do think, and that's what this is. There is no agenda other than just getting together, though, so it isn't like a Democratic event, where one has to end up making phone calls or sending money or whatever. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The local group meets at a nightclub, The Graduate, that is in an industrial area and that happens to be a short walk from my home. So Paul and I walked down the tracks to get there. If either of us had too much to drink it would have been no biggie, in other words. The club also doubles as a family-type restaurant part of the time, offering a menu of typical bar food, like burgers and fries and nachos. So it's an agreeable place to meet when the hour is young, which it was last night. We got to watch several large televisions that were spread around the room, all on the same channel. Only the bar had a small tv tuned to a sports channel.

Our group added up to sixteen. We took on several pitchers of beer and most of us had food as well. For a Wednesday evening I am sure this is a good thing for the club. Two of us showed up with bingo cards, and several of us played. I actually won - but there were no prizes. This group is only minimally organized.

Of course I think Obama won this one too, and most of those who watched agree with me. At times I hoped Obama would more forcefully respond to McCain's lies and half-truths but he had to make choices and overall I feel his maintenance of a calm, unflappable tone is a good thing. He never gets riled up, never goes off the deep end, is always in control.

Paul and I both talked to several of the others there at one time or another so we won't be strangers next time. And there will be a next time.
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