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I cleaned the carpets in my guest bedroom, hall, and living room the last two days. Then today I washed the floors in the kitchen and dining rooms. I think I have taken care of the various odd smells Bullet has created here and there and cleaned up the odd spots as well. It feels good to regain control.

I live in a house that is generally clean when people visit, but I have not reformed. Instead of cleaning everything on a schedule, and instead of cleaning up before I leave the house, I let things pile up. The difference between now and when I was hopelessly mired in clutter and mud is:

* There is less clutter. I get rid of things more frequently. I still have a clutter room (the office) that needs more control but that's a whole lot less than a house full.
* I do have one thing scheduled. Friday Floor Day. It doesn't always happen on Friday and on a few occasions I have missed a week altogether, but I focus on that chore and it makes all the difference. When I mop and vaccuum I also tend to tidy up other things as well, and even when I don't the house doesn't go all the way to hopeless because the floors look good.
* I have a guest who comes for dinner once a week. There really is nothing like having a visitor, even an unobservant one, for providing the incentive I need to get the place in order.

I still have bad habits. I still let clean laundry pile up, unfolded. I still let dishes sit in the sink (although fewer of them and for shorter time periods). I still space out in front of the television at night (I am useless at night. Face it.) But I am okay with it. I can have visitors, even overnight. I am keeping things clean and fixed as needed. It's enough.
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