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Last night I had four friends over to my house to watch the VP debate. We had bingo cards from different sources, enough for two for each of us. None of us won. But it was fun trying.

It is clear what Sarah Palin did, and many others have commented on it. She had answers to questions and she gave those answers whether or not the questions were asked. When the moderator asked questions she was not prepared for she veered over to what she did have, whether it was relevant or not. She also turned on the girly charm, so much so that one of my guests said it made her embarrassed to be a woman.

Yet I am sure it worked. She managed to make complete sentences almost the whole way through. For her supporters, the combination of complete sentences, relatively coherent, and that folksy veneer was enough to send them to Palin heaven. I'll never understand why some people can't see beneath the gloss but it's ever been so.

As for Biden, personally I liked how he performed. He wasn't folksy but he was straight. He zinged Palin for every statistic she got wrong and he did it well. He hammered the similarities between Bush and McCain, pointing out again and again that McCain's actions did not define him as any kind of maverick (Palin's favorite word last night).

Once again, then, I am reminded that Kerry won on knowledge and accuracy in 2004 but Bush won on what they call his "charm" (again, I never have seen that). This is a country that votes on personality. Darwin save us.



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Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:11 pm (UTC)
W's "charm"? *snicker. . .snort. . .falls off chair* Oh, yeah, that's funny.

I agree with you, though. Palin definitely pulled a Dubya. She flashed her smile and made sure she stuck to the script. It was nice to see she cares about the environment, too. What with recycling her answers (the one was almost verbatim from her Couric interview).

I was very disappointed, though. She didn't mention her Gay Friend. I thought for certain she'd trot out the Great Alaskan Lesbian Best Friend when the gay marriage question came along. I was also shocked (though shouldn't have been) that she was so HONEST when she answered that question. It was a lot more honest than the splitting of hairs that Biden did.

Biden made up for the hair splitting when, after Palin deftly avoided the global warming question, he countered with "how can you fix the problem when you don't know what causes the problem?" My wife, normally not an excitable guy, clapped.

Have hope, Judith. I don't think Palin's going to be able to charm them all. My mother (the fundie) DESPISES Palin (and she voted for Dubya--TWICE). It started with Palin's acceptance of hunting from helicopter (yeah, my mom REALLY hates that) but when dear mother learned about Palin making rape victims pay for their own rape kits, she (in so many words) wished rape on her. Not that I agree with that but. . .yeah, I laughed.
Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I am still annoyed that the dem party line does not include same-sex marriage but I can see why, politically. If it did, that's all we'd hear about. Oddly, though, just leaving it to the states is a perfectly good answer. Here in California there is a measure on the ballot defining marriage as between a man and a woman. I really hope that goes down - and it if doesn't then maybe I don't live in California.

I'm delighted to hear that your mother is where she is. This must mean she'll actually vote for Obama??

It is interesting, isn't it, that a fundie type like Palin will move from the mother church when the subject is one that affects someone she knows and loves. That is, the gay friend means she is not condemning gays, for example. Although it's hard to grasp the abstinence-only stance in the face of the teen pregnancy.
Oct. 3rd, 2008 06:35 pm (UTC)
I'm very irritated by the sam sex issue, too. As far as I'm concerned, it's a complete NON issue. It's just about the damn word "marriage". If you look at the laundry list of items being "given" to same sex couples (rights to visit each other in the hospital, own property, etc) it's the same thing heteros have. But LORD FORBID you use the word "marriage", like the heteros have it copy written or something.

I doubt my mother would ever vote for a democrat. She's a hard core party line voter (one shot deal). My sister asked her if she'd vote for Obama and she said she'd rather not vote at all. She continued by saying she'd never NOT vote entirely. She'd vote for everything EXCEPT the president. My sister and I high fived and said, "We'll take it."

Palin is a beautiful example of the hypocrisy (sp?) of fundie thinking. Like with abortion. "Save the babies" = only the unborn. The fundies I deal with every weekend at Planned Parenthood couldn't care less about the children in foster care or in abusive homes. God just wants them born. After that, they're on their own. I guess that ties in with the abstinence only teaching. Fundies don't care about the born (even their own children) or they would teach them about their bodies and how to be responsible and safe and THINK before they act. And it ties to gay marriage or a myriad of other social issues (like welfare). Once you're out of the womb, your issues are too complicated for them to focus on.
Oct. 3rd, 2008 06:54 pm (UTC)
You've hit on one of the main reasons I get so fed up with the fundies: "too complicated". I believe the main reason people go to these types of churches is that they offer answers that are simple and they tell them what to do. They are susceptible people, the type who would also think they'd been abducted by aliens or that there are witches sacrificing babies in their neighborhood. Not that all fundies are also paranormal believers but..well, I gotta say it...that whole belief in god thing is paranormal believing.

Good job on the mom! Just don't vote on the pres and that's good enough.

The interesting thing about this so-called "sacred" institution of marriage is that there isn't anything in the bible that calls it sacred. I wish the by-the-book sorts actually read the words and not someone else's interpretation. As best as they can, I mean (considering the original is not in English). Marriage has always been a civil affair and I for one am insulted that the religious co-opt it and call it theirs. If we could just get that one thing straight I'd have hope for more complicated issues, like the death of a fetus.
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