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orange juice wake-up call

I watched Bill Nye's Stuff Happens show on Planet Green yesterday. He investigated breakfast, from bacon to orange juice. The more bacon you eat - if you just buy any old bacon - the more you are helping to destroy life in the oceans and especially penguins and other large sea birds and animals, who feed on anchovies. Anchovies are being harvested at a rate that is not sustainable and they are going to the pigs.

Needless to say, I don't need to know what to do about that. I don't eat bacon. Those of you who do, though, at least go organic and grass-fed. Much much better to cut it out altogether. The veg versions of bacon are amazingly good, by the way.

The other elements were familiar to me - battery cages, waste, pollution, horror, all going into an egg. The amount of pesticides and pollutants that go into the production of ONE EGG is astounding. The answer here, too, is stop eating them. But if you must continue, go organic. Free range doesn't mean anything, as you might have guessed, but organic does make a difference.

What I did not know is about the orange juice. Tons of pesticide and additives and food preservatives are involved in the production of one glass of orange juice. The worst is frozen concentrate. Better to buy freshly-squeezed. Better yet to squeeze your own. I intend to do this from now on.

This type program can really have an effect. When you see it and hear it it can stick. Just as when on Wa$ted I learned that it takes a half-pound of pesticides to produce one cotton T-shirt. Go organic, damn it. At least.


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