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Getting the Green

So I decided that a year had gone by and it is time for me to paint something. I went to Home Depot to look at colors and chose colors for my kitchen and living room. Then I decided I wanted paint that is not only low in toxins but also vegan. I remembered a store in Atascadero called Green Goods. I wrote to them to ask what brands of paint they carry. SafeCoat and Bioshield, wrote back a manager.

Elaine determined for sure that Bioshield makes paints that contain no animal products (she called the company). Well, hallelujah! What could be better than going to a local store to get something like this? Off I went to Atascadero, to a store that is "downtown", about 16 miles from my house.

Nice looking place. Right on the street, kitty-corner from the Carlton Hotel, a recently restored gem. I went inside to see a wealth of building materials, all green in some way or another. I asked about the paints.
Green Goods Store
A nice young man named Tim showed me to the paint wall. There were many paint chips of SafeCoat paints but I didn't see Bioshield so I asked about it. Turns out they carry Bioshield oils and stains and similar products but not the paints. They can order them.

I told Tim I am looking for paints with no animal products in them. He wasn't sure about SafeCoat so he made a phone call. He was only able to leave a message. In the meantime he showed me paint chips for Bioshield in case I wanted to order from there. There is a really limited range of colors for that paint. None of the colors were remotely similar to what I had in mind.

I was able to choose reasonably close colors in the SafeCoat lineup, though. But we did not have an answer on the animal ingredients by the time I was done there so I took the chips with me.

While I was there I looked at other products they offer: glass tile, recycled glass countertop material, pressed paper material (what a winner; I would love to have it for my countertop), a clay wall product (you trowel it on very thinly; it looks beautiful), cabinets and cupboards, flooring, and doors. The doors especially attracted my attention. There were four or five of them, all of them incredibly beautiful in a way that I have not seen elsewhere. They are made from bamboo and other sustainably-farmed materials, glued with soy glues and so on. And just so beautiful. I asked about approximate costs. Tim could not tell me. He said he has asked the maker for a list of prices and he is developing one. They are all made by a local woodworker, which makes them even more desirable. I am lusting after those doors. Just one, just one, that's all, I am not greedy.

I asked Tim when he thought their website would actually have stuff on it. Right now it is just one page saying they exist and where and to wait for the real thing. He said they just hired an advertising person who is working hard on making that happen. I hope to be able to share pictures of some of these materials and especially of those doors.
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