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animal terrorists?

The Congress recently passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. This act essentially clamps down on anyone who interferes with an animal business in any way that will affect the business's bottom line. Although intended to exclude peaceful protests, the language of the law does allow arrests of persons engaging in such activities, if those activities are actually successful in reducing the income to the business.

It's absurd right out of the box. There have been no deaths from any animal group's protests. There has been some destruction but mostly there have been rescues and graphic photographs and videos resulting from the more aggressive animal rights groups. Yet this small group has been targeted in a big way, far out of proportion to how many there are and what they actually do. Clearly the reason for this ridiculous law is that the meat and dairy industries feel threatened and they are willing to use the current administration's fear-mongering ways as a way to exaggerate the effects of animal abuse protests.

The law needs to be repealed. It tries to shut up people who try to expose the horrors of animal agriculture and drug and cosmetic testing in this country, even when those people harm nobody. It is hard to believe that the law was passed at all and I would love to hear the justification given by those who voted for it. I suspect, though, that like many bills, this one was not given a really close look before the vote came up.

Please look at Elaine's post on this subject for more information and a video.
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