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Saturday activity

Now that I invite Paul to dinner every Saturday night (late afternoon, really), there are things I do regularly.

I clean up. It's amazing how many little piles of this and that I create over just a week. I doubt Paul would really notice if I didn't clean up, except for the dining table, but I try not to think of that. I do it for me.

I make the various dishes. I try to find dishes I can make ahead of time, preferable a day or so ahead, but so far I haven't succeeded in making a full meal that way. Right now I have a cabbage salad in the fridge that I made yesterday, some hummus I made earlier today, and a side dish in the oven, something that can sit in that on "warm" if need be. The onions for the last dish are chopped and ready to throw in when I start cooking.

This morning I went to Farmers' Market. I forget to go many weeks and I always enjoy it when I do go. So many choices, most of them organic and locally grown. I found some lovely cantaloupes and bought one small ripe one. I had already gotten some strawberry sorbet for dessert and now I can put a scoop of it inside a cantaloupe half. Oh yes, and I have mint! I can add a sprig of fresh mint on top.

I think about small changes. Today I took down a calendar and put up three small photographs on a wall in the dining room. They are all food-related photos I took, and I rather like how they look.

I think this dinner provides incentives that I need. I do more kitchen experimenting, I clean more regularly. I am not a total slob. That's a good thing.



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