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I got my electric and gas bills the other day. I have stayed within the baseline allowances for both this last month. I have been trying to figure out what I did right. I don't recall making any kind of major change, anything noticeable. On the other hand, the gas and electricity I used at the higher levels was not a large amount. I think it seemed higher just because the rates are higher.

Probably one reason for the reduction is that it has been warm. No need for the heater at all. It also has not been extremely warm, so no need to run a fan 24-7. That accounts for gas. As for electricity, I've been conscious of it and have turned off lights and television when not using them but I have actually been watching more tv, turning it on in the daytime. Then again, long summer days, need for lights is less. This is probably a mid-summer thing that happens most years.

Still, it encourages me. One thing I did the other day was to reduce the heat of my water heater. So now it does not heat as high. That will save a few therms or whatever they are. I am also using my electric hot water pot more often to heat water than I use the microwave. I suspect that it takes less electricity because the heating is more direct and not as high a wattage.

Little changes still make me feel good.
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