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bel and beller

The irony was not lost on me as I sat at a table in Bel Frites, munching my Belgian fries and reading The Obesity Myth.

I am only a little bit into this book but it is as I had hoped: it easily expels the myth that obesity is related to higher mortality rates. In fact, it is better from a longevity point of view to be 75 pounds over the "average" weight than to be five pounds under. The very thin fare much worse than the very fat.

So I did not worry so much about the fries. I do worry about what does matter: physical activity. It is damned hard to do any when one hurts. But I did manage to make my way around downtown today, lurching in a limpy way, my right thigh and hip hurting. I tried to distract myself from the pain and to pretend it wasn't there (and believe me I do know that this type arthritis is easier to handle when one weighs less - but it also won't kill me). It was better after I left Bel Frites and was back on the street. Maybe all it really needed was some fries.
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