Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Follow-up to that last post

The real question is what can I do that's silly and wrongheaded but will sell books?

It should be something that doesn't take much physical stamina. Don't got that.

It should be something that involves reading. I do a lot of that.

It should be something that would presumably effect a change upon me.

Some thoughts:

*make every recipe in one cookbook. I think it would be fun for me but not for others.

*follow some kind of get-rich-quick plan. No...

*Read all the works by one specific author. Again, boring for others.

*Try to make 1000 things out of tofu. Well, it could be ...not a book...

*Resurrect my sims and make a sim of A.J. Jacobs and make him...I'd love to, but my sims are on my dying computer. I'll never get them back, I fear, and I do miss them greatly.

*Make scrapbooks for every conceivable occasion that happens in my family. Oh lordy. Would make good fodder for family talk but not a good book.

I'm just fresh out. I'm going to finish my beer and seek inspiration elsewhere.
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