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fuzzy wuzzy

So here was the plan.

For the past several weeks I have been experiencing severe pains in my right hip and sometimes related discomfort in the back of my left knee. I think it's an arthritic flareup of sorts and I suspect there is nothing for it, really, but to wait it out. But it has made getting around difficult and painful. Small things loom large. Waiting in line at the drug store yesterday almost finished me.

So I thought I'd take two co-codamol tablets. These are also known as Tylenol 3, aka Tylenol with codeine, fairly high dosage. In the hospital in Edinburgh I had been given these and I seemed to tolerate them well, so I asked about them when I saw my doctor here last Monday. He wrote me a prescription. Today I decided to take two and see if they helped the hip pain.

Unfortunately, two sent me over the edge. I did not tolerate them well at all this time. They made me feel somewhat nauseous and more than a little dizzy and fuzzy. I think the pain is taken care of but I am so out of it I don't even feel like getting up to find out. But I will, I will.

So I did, just now, get up and walk around a bit. The pain seems to be dulled. But so is the rest of me.

My next plan. Take one tablet tomorrow, see if it helps. Maybe if I take one every six or eight hours it will have some effect. For now though, yuck and damn it. I stare at this window and fuzz overtakes my brain. I don't like it.


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