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Judith Lautner

Clean house, messy house

I am watching Clean House on the Style channel. This is a special: the messiest house in the country.

I don't know if it's actually the messiest. Face it; most people with homes they think would qualify are not going to be up for televising it. So these folks are already a step up, in my opinion.

I would not have qualified in my worst years but I would have been a runner-up. If I would have let anyone in.

The couple in this episode have lived in this house about five years. Over those years the man's penchant for picking up "usable" items that others have thrown away (dumpster diving syndrome) has added to a lack of organization and cleaning habits and the result is huge clutter and major dirt.

The clean team is making major snide comments about the excuses the couple are making. I don't think they comprehend how hopeless it can feel, how you can work like crazy and not notice much change and not have any sense that you can make a difference. They have absolutely no idea what goes on inside.

It's true that the two are making excuses and not simply saying it's too much for them, they can't face it, they don't know how to get hold of it, get it under control. It's hard to face that. This team, though, has absolutely no idea how a person gets to this place and how hard it is to get out.

I do know. I also know the effect of pain on how much you can do. The husband here has a back injury and he needs to lie down now and then to relieve the pain. The team keeps making fun of him, making like he doesn't have a real injury.

It's irritating me in a big way. It took me years to get to the point where I could get rid of stuff I didn't need or love. it took me years to grasp basic cleaning concepts (still not so great at that). I had to work my way out of that mess and I am in no way proud of where I have been, but at least I understand it when others find themselves there. I am really angry at this show and its team.
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