Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Visit to the past

Tomorrow I will take off for Michigan. I will be there to be interviewed on film, "on location". The location is either of the homes my father lived in when you was young. He grew up in one and helped build the other, a camp. The location needs to be obvious in the interview (or there would be no point in my making the trip).

I grew up there too. I haven't been there since 1995, for thirteen years. A part of me would like to move back but a part resists because it is claustrophobic in a way. Much of the year you "can't get there from here". In other words, the roads are hard to negotiate or altogether blocked so any idea of escaping the narrow confines of home must be quashed. On the other hand it is beautiful country and I like the grayness so prevalent so much of the time, and of course I dearly love Lake Superior. To me the most beautiful body of water on the planet.

It sounds like there will be some gatherings while I am there and chances are I will have little time alone. I have trouble with constant company so it will be a little hard on me. I really just like to climb into my cave and hibernate. So it is fortunate the visit will be short. It's also fortunate given I am not fully recovered from a bleeding episode, I am still anemic and therefore get tired rather more easily than usual. Also fortunately I will be staying in the house my father grew up in and I will be staying alone. That will make a big difference, being able to go to bed in a house alone.

Ah, I sound so negative! That's because I have been traveling so much and I feel I need more time between trips.

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