Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

back again

Thursday I got back from three weeks away. My sister Cathy and I visited Ireland and Scotland (Edinburgh mainly) and then came home. During the time we were in Edinburgh I landed in the hospital. Most of my trip is on my adventuregranny site: http://www.adventuregranny.com - and I intend to update it, get it more complete, and add recommendations for various cities, restaurants, other things. It was a learning experience, of course, as well as a fabulous vacation.

My time in the hospital was for internal bleeding, probably from an ulcer, what from we don't yet know (I have an appointment with a local doc to go over what happened there and to decide on next steps). I was well taken-care of, and would recommend getting sick in Edinburgh to anyone! Because I am not back to full strength, my daughter Elaine flew to meet me in Los Angeles and we drove home from there together and she is going to stay a while.

We both want to cook a lot! So it's going to be fun and it already has been. I made pita bread yesterday and Elaine made delish pate from sunflower seeds and other things. We made a fresh asparagus soup that I will make again (quite easy and so yummy). We are sprouting seeds. We are trying new cookbooks. It's all good.
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