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Administrative Professionals' Day?

It used to be called Secretaries Day (or Secretary's Day, somewhat improperly). I didn't buy into it. I thought secretaries should simply be given raises commensurate with their abilities. I noticed that as a rule secretaries need to be smart and have many skills yet they are rarely compensated adequately for what they bring to the job.

Then, because the label "secretary" was seen as the problem, they became "administrative professionals". But the day remains. So today I got an email suggesting I buy gifts for "Administrative Professionals Day". It sounds flat-out ridiculous. The whole idea of giving the secretaries a day was to make up for what they don't get the rest of the year - status, pay, recognition.

What would you think of a "Middle Managers Day"? How about "CEO Day"? Or "Lawyers Day"? Closer to home (for me): "Planners Day".

Poll #1174782 Administrative Professionals Day

Is Administrative Professionals Day a crock?

Yes. Simply yes.
No. Absolutely not.
I'm an administrative professional and I love flowers.
Get a life.

Why or why not?

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