Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The End of the Line Cafe

Twilight Zone? Sci-fi masterwork? You'd almost think so. But the End of the Line Cafe is actually a cafe within a large industrial building in San Luis Obispo. The building (and cafe) sits at the southerly end of the railroad bike path. At least, as far as that path has gotten so far. The cafe is only open from 11 to 1 weekdays, so when I happen by it it is usually closed. I therefore determined to get on my bike and investigate today, during open hours.

I rode into the property, dropped off my bike at a rack, and walked up steps and along a sidewalk, following the signs. There is a patio area with tables and umbrellas and what looks like barbecue apparatus. Nobody was out there when I got there at about 12:40. I went inside. It was a largish room, several tables, all empty. In the right rear corner was the kitchen. The display cases were empty except for some with condiments. A sign on the wall advertised hot dogs and sandwiches, all meat types. Three people were in the kitchen area. One appeared to be putting condiments on his plate while the other two were just talking.

I said to one of the people talking, "So is this place real?"

He nodded and smiled. The two joked about meeting for a meal, something like that.

I didn't see a good reason to test out the food even if someone were alert enough to ask me what I wanted. I was hoping, a bit, for something unusual there. It's still a good name.
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