Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I gave in to paperbackswap.

I am a diehard bookcrossing creature. I love the concept of leaving books anywhere, not knowing where they will go. Therefore, when others told me about paperbackswap I wasn't all that interested. But several months ago when I was hunting within bookcrossing for some specific books, to see if other bookcrossers had them and would send them to me in trade, another bookcrosser said she used paperbackswap for this purpose. She happily lives in both worlds so I thought I'd try it.

To request a book you have to register ten books of your own that are available for sending to others. I didn't get all ten listed right away and my account just sat there. Yesterday I decided to fill it up by listing some of my "better" fiction. As soon as I hit ten my books were made available to others on paperbackswap, including everyone who has a wish list that automatically hunts. Within a few minutes three of my books were requested by others.

Well, I love it when others want to read my books. For this feature alone I already love this place. But there's more. When I clicked on the button that says I would mail the book within two days, I was offered the opportunity to print the wrapper. I could choose to print just the names and addresses or I could add postage and delivery confirmation. An added bonus is that the weight of the books is on record so the correct postage can be calculated easily. The final joy came when I learned that I would not have to go to the post office to mail these books, wrapped in these wrappers, labeled (as they are) with "media mail". I could just drop them in mail drop boxes. The address information prints on 8-1/2 X 11 paper which can be used as the wrapper by itself, suitably wrapped around the book and taped securely. Where does the postage come from? By paying into a PBS account - through a credit card or paypal. A charge of 50 cents is made for each transaction.

I have therefore already sent off four books and I have a fifth packaged, ready to drop. I have also registered several more books there. And of course every one has a bookcrossing sticker inside. I can hope.

Oh, ironically, I have several books on my PBS wishlist and so far nobody is offering them.
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