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I have been in Aspen since Sunday night. I almost didn't get here because of the weather, but when we did get on the ground the snow was lightly flying around and the temperature was pleasant. Yesterday morning we drove into town in the rain, which wasn't bad. When it cleared up we had a nice couple of hours in town. And such a town! Unreal is the only word that truly fits. Like an Alpine village but of course for rich people, but so much more than that. So beautiful. And it's clear that there are regulations on building and signs, all to the good.

We - my sister Karol and I - are staying in a hotel in Carbondale, about 30 miles from Aspen. Prices for accommodations in Aspen are through the roof and there isn't much on offer anyway, given it's the height of the ski season. So we retired to our hotel after our venture into Aspen, took a dip in the indoor hot tub, rested, then set out again for Aspen to have dinner with a group. The drive from Aspen to Carbondale yesterday afternoon was completely clear. Clear roads, no obstructions, easy.

The group is filming a house in Aspen designed by my father. The crew has been all over filming Lautner houses for a film to be shown at the exhibit at the Hammer museum this coming July. Karol and I came here to meet with them, to be interviewed on film, to see the house ourselves. The crew just flew in last night so we had not yet met with them and we had agreed to meet them for dinner.

Last night the road to Aspen had taken on a different look. A snow storm hit, with wild winds that churned the snow, making a kind of "whiteout", as they say in snow country. Karol persevered through this hellish nightmare of weather, white-knuckling the whole way, and it took us over 90 minutes to drive the 30 miles. Karol is familiar with snow driving but this is not the type weather she usually takes on.

When we drove back to the hotel later it was much better but still snowing and blowing. We are watching the weather nervously for our drive back again this morning, when we meet the crew at the house.



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