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Although I prefer to get through life's ups and downs without drugging myself, there are times that I do not hesitate to pop a pill.

Lately I have had severe pain in my knee, out of the blue. For several months I was hardly bothered at all by my left knee, and I was instead bothered by my right hip and a general stiffness that was uncomfortable. I had almost come to believe that I had practically beaten the worst of the pain in that knee. Then out of the blue came searing sharp pains in my knee along with a strange roundness to my left foot. It was as if I couldn't set it down flat on the ground. This plus the uncomfortable stiffness in my left leg, something I have never described successfully. I had trouble sleeping, moving, walking across a room. So I limped from place to place and sat whenever I could.

Finally on Monday afternoon I went to see a doctor. The PA didn't do much of an exam, said that I might have torn the meniscus but if that were so the only real solution is surgery. She said many people do get on all right without surgery. Whatever it is, I was so worn out from the pain that I wanted out. She prescribed Celebrex and Darvon. I really wanted that Darvon, frankly. The Celebrex had no noticeable effect - I got that 24 hours before I was able to get the Darvon - but the Darvon has taken the edge off.

Unfortunately, I am finding that it also makes me rather queasy. I don't seem to handle these types of narcotics well. It has been two hours since I took the last one and I am now just starting to feel woozy and nauseous. Damn it. I took it with food. I don't want to stop taking it because at least it lets me sleep and get around somewhat normally. Maybe if I have more food now?

What it comes down to is that I really am a wuss.



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