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A little while back I ended up with Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert. I received it, as I recall, as part of a shipment from the Quality Paperback Book Club (qpb.com) that I neglected to refuse. I get a lot of good books this way, unintentionally. Perhaps that's why I keep my membership.

I have just started the book. I heard it was good but I still suspected it would tell me to stop procrastinating and eat better and exercise more and all would be happy. It doesn't. In fact, within the first few pages Gilbert points out that he does not intend to tell us how to be happy. Instead, he is focusing on what happiness is and why our brains do such a poor job of predicting what will, in fact, make us happy in the future. There's more, of course, and it's written in a comfortable, often-humorous style that makes me smile at times and even laugh out loud at others.

This little book joins a couple of other recent books in that it looks at a subject in a different way, in a way that jogs our brains and offers us a different path. The Tipping Point and The Paradox of Choice are similar types of books, and in fact I immediately thought of The Paradox of Choice when I started this book. I feel their stories overlap, that one complements the other.

I expect to finish the book in a day or two and then I will register it with bookcrossing and write a review in my book journal. I think that I will make the book a part of my permanent collection rather than make it available for other (bookcrossing) readers, because I am likely to dip into it from time to time, to remind myself of something or other.
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