Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

So many cables, so little time

I have decided to create a little instructional video for Joey for his new xo laptop (see http://www.laptopgiving.org). I think he stands a chance of using it more if the basic moves are easy for him immediately. How to open it. How to turn it on. How to move from one program to another. How to get connected to the internet. How to take pictures and videos. The laptop uses linux, modified for children into an operating system they call "sugar". It really is pretty intuitive but some things can be frustrating if you want to get going right now.

I first tried to do the video using the built-in camera on my mac and iMovie. I wasn't able to adjust the mac to get the angles I wanted to show what I wanted. It's fine for the introductions, where I talk to the camera. So I decided to take out my miniDV camcorder and record the rest that way.

I recorded most of what I want but then discovered that I do not have the proper cable to connect the camcorder to the computer. I thought sure I had this the last time I used it but that was a couple of years ago and who knows what might have happened to it? I looked through my neat little clear plastic shoe-like boxes with the proper labels - "camcorder" and "computer", but did not find the right kind of cable. I found many others, of course. Just not that one. So I am off to Best Buy. I want to get this finished, crude or not, so I can send the little guy to Joey.

Tags: camcorder, joey, laptop, omputer, one laptop per child

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